3G GSM 無線電話


MaxComm GSM Cordless Phone MW-288

適用於高級/老年人的GSM無繩移動電話 MW-097

MaxComm launched a new advanced GSM Cordless mobile phone for senior elderly people. It has big picture buttons x 4 and one SOS Key on the back and GPS function and camera. It's very idealy and user friendly for senior elderly people.

MaxCom 3G GSM無線電話 ME-399

MaxComm 3G GSM Cordless Phone MW-399.

MaxCom 3G GSM無線電話 MW-388

128 x 64 dot matrix Color LCD display with backlight, 3G WCDMA 900/2100, 850/2100 or 850/1900MHz optional; Compatible 2G GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz.

MaxCom 3G GSM無繩電話 ME-299

MaxCom 3G GSM無繩電話 ME-299.

MaxCom 3G GSM無繩電話 ME-199

GSM 900/1800MHz Cordless Phone, Optioanl-Compatible with 2 slot, Support SPEAKER Phone, Micro SD card and Bluetooth.

MaxComm 3G Cordless Phone MW-396

MaxCom 3G GSM無繩電話 ME-191

MaxCom 3G GSM無繩電話 ME-191.

MaxComm DECT Cordless Phone MT-032